It is necessary to take into account the visceral osteopathy (organs) when recovering from any of our weaknesses.

The visceras are part of our body and as such we must give them the importance they deserve and treat them in case they are in any dysfunction.

All the visceras (stomach, liver, intestines….) Have two types of movement which are important to maintain so that the viscera’s functionality is optimal.

Visceral Osteopathy is responsible for working at this level, eliminating structural rigidity, improving the visceral mobility and motility while stimulating both its vascularization and its innervation.

All our visceras can present patterns of referred pain when they are in dysfunction, each of them in different parts of our body, generating at the same time the existence of anomalous fascial and ligamentous tensions that generate greater structural rigidity and therefore the possible appearance of pain.

Manual visceral techniques help to release blockages, improve blood supply and restore mobility.

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