It is often believed that both children and babies should not have structural tensions or strains. In a large part, due to their young age, flexibility and the obvious fact that they are less prone to injuries usually associated with adults. The reality, however, is very different.

Most osteopaths are prepared for paediatric care, and osteopathic manipulation treatment (OMT) is very suitable for many paediatric diseases.

The baby suffers with the force exerted by the contractions of the uterus as opposed to the natural resistance of that canal. The baby’s head has the ability to adapt and change shape. Also, the soft bones of the upper part of the skull overlap and mild with these contractile forces.

Distortions in the head as a result of childbirth are normally released naturally with food and crying. However, in some cases, the distortions remain and affect growth and development.

All the unresolved tensions of a stressful birth and the effects on the baby’s body are, in many cases, the main cause of the problems in childhood and adulthood. It is best to proceed to a treatment of osteopathy for babies as soon as possible, since the longer the effects on the body are the more complicated it will be to eliminate them.

As children grow up, they go on incessant crying, irritability, sleeping and feeding difficulty, that is, everything they could suffer since they were babies. However, if stress patterns are not treated, boys and girls may suffer side effects as they grow and develop.

This can cause them difficulties when it comes to sitting and concentrating, and this can lead to misbehaviour and poor learning.

Child osteopathy is very helpful for treating children who suffer from:

Constipations and gastritis, persistent vomiting, birth injuries, plagiocephaly, orofacial dysfunctions and ophthalmology, neurological pathology, neuro-hormonal-glandular system in the child.

Ear infection (otitis), learning difficulties, delayed growth, scoliosis, ADHD (Disorder due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), autism, problem behaviour and hyperactivity, clumsiness, growth pains, sinus problems and mouth breathing, asthma, chest infection, post-concussion syndrome, headaches and migraines….

Many people are surprised to read that osteopathy for babies and children also serves to treat infections of all kinds, the most common being the ear and chest.

Child osteopathy treats, same as with adult osteopathy, all those injuries caused by a fall or an accident. It is very important in the case of children so that they do not drag these lesions when they are older.

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