If you already know other terms such as “Chocolatherapy”, you can more or less get an idea of ​​what we mean by “Cocotherapy”. It is about a skin treatment with coconut oil, which aims to bring all the benefits of the properties of this fruit to the skin. It can be done by body massages or by applying the oil directly on your skin.

Coconut oil lubricates the body and performs an ideal exfoliation function to remove all impurities and bacteria that your skin may contain. In addition, its rich and pleasant aroma adds to the body a perfect state of relaxation that will undoubtedly help you to carry your day to day with energy and calm leaving the stress behind.

moreover, in ‘Cocotherapy’ all the coconut is used, that means, from the shell, which is usually used to put pressure on the body and massage it, to the juice it provides, as we have said before.

Coconut offers numerous benefits for the care of your skin, but here are some of the most important advantages:

  • It acts as an anti-inflammatory, making it ideal for people suffering from skin problems such as atopic dermatitis.
  • It is a good disinfectant, which makes it a good alternative to fight all types of fungi and skin infections.
  • A ‘Cocotherapy’ treatment shapes the body and works on the lymphatic system, also stimulating the elimination of toxins and fluids.
  • Protects the skin from possible damages caused by UV rays, thus avoiding signs of aging, spots and other problems.
  • Restores the pH of the skin thanks to its medium chain fatty acids.
  • It helps prevent irritated and inflamed skin, making it a good ally for people who have very sensitive skin.
  • It is highly moisturizing and penetrates quickly into all layers of the skin, thus helping to preserve collagen and elastin, and thus preserve youth for longer and prevent wrinkles.

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