Chocolahterapy is a technique belonging to the area of ​​Aesthetic Naturopathy socially known as a natural therapy or alternative therapy. It is increasingly known and more fashionable.

Chocolatherapy is a technique used in Aesthetic Naturopathy that uses as a main element cocoa transformed into chocolate applied to the skin to topically absorb all the properties it offers to improve our cutaneous health, our appearance and our well-being.

Advantages of chocolate therapy: Antidepressant and anti-stress, antioxidant. It provides minerals and trace elements, increases blood and lymphatic circulation and contributes to cellular oxygenation. it is relaxing, it stimulates the senses and it moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It improves the skin elasticity and provides softness. It performs a draining and anti-cellulite function and it delays skin aging.

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