Bamboo therapy is an alternative therapy of relaxation and physical improvement that deeply stimulates the skin, muscles, adipose tissue and nervous system by soft and pleasant contact with different bamboo rods applied to each body area.

The results and benefits of bamboo-therapy are obtained thanks to the stimulation generated by the friction, percussion and centre-pressure of the bamboo canes, actions that trigger neuronal, circulatory, nervous, muscular, cellular, energetic and emotional actions and are also the Complete circuit of relaxation and the elixir that we seek so much to conceive the deepest state of physical, mental and spiritual tranquillity.

The bamboo rods that are applied in body and facial treatments are of different diameters and lengths, thinking about the patient’s anatomy.

Benefits of bamboo-therapy: Combats tiredness and exhaustion, sedative effect when acting on nerve endings, muscle relaxant, improves lymphatic circulation and promotes drainage, combats cellulite and fat areas, toning and firming the skin, reshapes the silhouette, reduces Adipose tissue and stimulates energy balance maintaining harmony.

 It is used as a supplement to reduce weight and is deeper than reductive massages, because bamboo-therapy distributes adiposities to destroy them. Eliminates liquids and fats.

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